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The principal exhibit area of the Museum is the Wrather Gallery, named for John and Charlotte Wrather, two people who have given physically, mentally and financially to making the museum a great space and wonderful place to spend time.


The Wrathers continue to work with LMFA on the Advisory Board, the Building & Grounds Committee, in the Guild and with special photography classes each year, as well as sponsoring receptions, exhibits and the LMFA concert series. They are responsible for and promote the growth of the museum in so many ways, and LMFA is very fortunate to have Friends such as they!

The permanent collection is displayed in this area and is rotated on a regular basis, so the entire collection may be viewed over a period of time.  Artists included in the permanent collection are:

Koya Abe


David Adickes

Wayne Amerine

Richard Ash

Micheal Bane

Walter Bannard

Leonard Baskin

David Bates

Dennis Ray Beall


Corbin Bennett

Ruth Bernhard

Anup Bhandari

Ed Blackburn

Linda Blackburn

Daniel Blagg

Scott Bodenheimer

Derek Boshier

H.J. Bott

Kevin Box

Don Bradley

Michael Bryan

Bill Bristow

Barbara Shoenewolf Brown

Doug Brown

Colleen Browning

David Brownlow

Roy Burke

Laura Pickett Calfee

Robert Camblin

Jean Cappadonna-Nichols

Ronald Carr

Cecil Lang Casebier

Marc Chagall

Willard Cooper

Marianne Courville

Tammy Cromer-Campbell

Giselle Castro

Warren Cullar

Bruce Cunningham

Salvador Dali

Danny Davidson

Jesse DeMartino

David Deming

Arthur Dickey

Richard Doherty

Mary Doyle

Otis Dozier

Luis Eades

Celia Eberle

Sheila Ernst-Bifano

Carol Flueckiger

Johannes Eidt

Richard Garriot-Stejskal

Vincent Falsetta

Kelly Fearing

Alan Raymond Flattmann

Herman Fleet

Michael Frary

John Fraser


Lisa Freeman

Gary Frields

Henri Gadbois

Moshe Gat


Bobbe Gentry

Gregory Gioiosa

Joan Giordano

George Grammer

Sharon Grimes

Dianne Green

Leamon Green

John Guerin

Paul Guirmand

Tracy Harris

Forrest Harrisberger

Billy Hassell

Kenneth Havis

Wilfred Higgins

Tim High

James Hill

John Hillier (website)

William Hoey

Carole Honigsfeld

Dorothy Hood

Bess Hubbard

Peter Hurd

Robert Jessup

Randy Jetter

Richard Johnson

DeForrest Judd

Chapman Kelley

Michael Kenna

Mike Kennedy

Sister Corita Kent

Josh Kight

Berry Klingman

Arthur Koch

Jeanne Koch


Byron Lacy

Wilfredo Lam

Nancy Lamb

Tadeusz Lapinsky


Wellington Lee

Dorothy Lathrop


Marie Lesher

William Lester

Norman Lloyd

O. Rufus Lovett

Barbara Maples

V. Mariani

James Martin

Merritt Mauzey

David Maxim

Louis de Mayo

Cheryl McClure

J.J. McVicker

Herbert Mears

Gibbs Milliken

William Montgomery

Polsky Morgan

Kim Mosley

Celia Alvarez Munoz

LeRoy Neiman

Marc Newquist

Perry Nichols

Nic Nicosia

Gail Norfleet

David Osborn

James Pace

Peter Paone

Mark Penacho

Helene Pfeffer

Brent Phelps

Pablo Picasso


James Pomeroy

Dorothy Poulos

Pedro Luis Raota

Marc Rawls

Ann Raymo

Tony Reans

Herb Rogalla

Georges Roualt

Paul Russo

Bianca Russo

Porfirio Salinas

Frank Sawyer

Martin Schreiber

Jerry Seagle

Thomas Seawell

John Semple

Charles Shaw

Dorothy Skeans

Greg Skol

Jon Smiley

Emily Guthrie Smith

Luther Smith

Richard Smith

Ellen Soffer

Earl Staley

Jan Statman

G. Richard Stout

Gisela-Heidi Strunck

James Sullivan

Paul Suttman

Ruth Tears

Ronald Thomason

Amelia Tierney

Sergio G. Tornero

Cecil Touchon

Daniel Traverso III

Janet Turner

Charles Umlauf

Karl Umlauf

John Vanecek

V. Vasarely

Mary Vernon

Robert Wade

Marilyn Waligore

Velox Ward

Kathy Webster

Roger Weik

Donald Weismann

Derrick White

Glenn Whitehead

Hiram Williams

Judith Williams

Clara McDonald Williamson

Neal Wilson

Bill Wiman

Don Wingren

Roger Winter

Bill Wright

Chase Yarborough

Kenneth Zonker

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